Alessandro Meliso

Alessandro Meliso Rodrigues, known for being a professor of legal practice and a disseminator of knowledge on social media, teaches proficiently on various topics, with a special focus on the defense of the debtor. He identified a significant gap in Brazilian university education in this specific area.

Driven by his sense of justice and dedication, Professor Alessandro Meliso began teaching about the defense of the debtor and their legitimate means, challenging the paradigm that debtors were defendants undeserving of defense.

With a 21-year career as a judge, Alessandro decided, in August 2023, to resign from his position as a magistrate to focus on teaching on social media and private law practice. Graduated in Law from the Law School of Presidente Prudente, the city where he was born and spent much of his life, he had his first experience attending hearings at the age of 16, a moment that defined his aspiration to become a judge.

Demonstrating a constant commitment to his studies, he stood out as one of the top students in his class during his undergraduate studies. He continued with a Master's in Legal Sciences at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, where he received a commendation from the Portuguese government for being among the top three dissertations in the course.

Alessandro has developed several online courses aimed at lawyers, such as the "Expert Training in Debtor Defense." His journey reflects an ongoing commitment to legal education and the desire to transform how the defense of the debtor is perceived and practiced.

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