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How technology will revolutionize law and the justice system forever. Opening by Supreme Court Justice Luiz Fux, with participation from professors of prominent American universities.

International Congress on July 13, 2024:


Our mission is to empower lawyers through high-quality education, providing international certifications and access to a global network, even if you don't speak English.



To be recognized as the leading facilitator of professional and academic growth for lawyers, promoting a connected and empowered global community.


- Educational Excellence: We are committed to providing high-quality educational content that drives the professional success of lawyers.

- Integrity: We act with transparency, honesty, and ethics in all our interactions, building trust and credibility.

- Global Community: We foster a global network of legal professionals, encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange within a united community.

In a world where the boundaries of knowledge are constantly expanding, the New York Law & Science Academy emerges as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Born from the visionary dream of its coordinators, this institute is not just a school; it is a movement. A movement aimed at nothing less than revolutionizing Brazilian advocacy, elevating it to international standards through a unique and powerful educational approach.


Imagine a place where the brightest minds in law meet pioneers in neuroscience, psychology, management, and technology. A space where you not only learn about law but also about how the brain makes decisions, how emotions affect judgment, and how technology is redefining the fundamentals of justice. This place is the New York Law & Science Academy.

Our mission is bold but clear: to empower Brazilian lawyers with the knowledge and skills that will transform them into true legal entrepreneurs. We are not just talking about a competitive edge; we are talking about a game-changer for your career and Brazilian advocacy.

Traditional law as we know it is no longer sufficient. In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, the lawyer of the future needs to be a modern polymath. They need to understand management to run their office efficiently; they need to grasp the principles of psychology to negotiate advantageous agreements; they need to have a basic knowledge of data science to navigate the sea of available information. In short, they need to go beyond law.

By joining us, you are not just investing in an international certification. You are investing in yourself, in your future, and by extension, in the future of Brazilian advocacy. You are positioning yourself at the forefront of a revolution that will redefine what it means to be a lawyer. And best of all, you are doing it with the quality seal and expertise of professionals who are leaders in their respective fields.

This is where the New York Law & Science Academy comes into play. We offer a multidisciplinary approach that fuses science and law, creating an innovative curriculum that covers all areas impacting the modern lawyer. We want you to understand not just the 'what,' but the 'why' and the 'how.' We want you to see the forest, not just the trees, to become a leader in the new era of law.

So, if you are ready to go beyond, to challenge the limits of what you believe is possible, and to become the lawyer you have always dreamed of being, the New York Law & Science Academy is your next step. Come be part of this transformative journey and empower yourself to be the change agent the legal world so desperately needs.


Minister Luiz Fux

He is a Brazilian jurist and magistrate, currently serving as a minister of the Supreme Federal Court.

Pedro Lenza

Doctor of Constitutional Law from the University of São Paulo, Visiting Researcher at Boston College, and author of one of the best-selling legal books.

Todd Henderson

Professor of Law and Economics at the University of Chicago Law School.

Bruno Bodart

Judge in the state of Rio de Janeiro - Master of Laws from Harvard University.

Anderson Paiva

Judge in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Doctor of Laws from UERJ - Visiting researcher at Stanford Law School.

Mateus Costa-Ribeiro

Nationally recognized as the youngest law graduate to pass the bar exam and argue before the Supreme Federal Court at 18.

Danilo Limoeiro

Master of Social Sciences from the University of Oxford. Ph.D. from MIT, creator of the legal analytics platform Turivius.

Teresa Arruda Alvim

Tenured Professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo.

Flávio Yarshell

Full Professor of Procedural Law at the University of São Paulo.

Alvaro Machado Dias

Neuroscientist, professor at UNIFESP, prominent futurist, editor-in-chief of MIT Tech Review Brazil, and columnist for Folha, UOL, and CBN.

For just R$997.00, you can become an internationally certified professional. This certification is a mark of excellence and innovation in the field of law.

Note: The certification signifies the recognition by the New York Law & Science Academy of your legal expertise and your participation in our events. It does not confer an academic degree, although it is highly regarded both within Brazil and internationally.

Your certification includes participation in our prestigious International Congress, featuring speakers from the world's top universities. The theme for 2024 will be: "How Technology Will Revolutionize Law and the Justice System Forever."


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