Erik Navarro Wolkart

Erik Navarro Wolkart, renowned for his pragmatic analysis of legal systems, navigates the complex intersections of law, technology, and behavioral sciences in both research and teaching. His insights are strongly grounded in his 19 years as a federal judge and his PhD from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), along with his time as a visiting researcher at Harvard Law School.

Erik has played a fundamental role in identifying and dismantling elements of Brazilian legislation that contribute to an accentuated litigation landscape: over 80 million active cases, an influx of frivolous actions, very low conciliation rates, and prolonged case durations. In response to these systemic issues, his work has informed government investment in the online dispute resolution platform "," which annually diverts countless cases from the traditional judicial system, alleviating the case burden and providing swifter resolutions.

Following the implementation of "," Erik participated in a study group alongside various economists to reformulate all judicial fee laws in Brazil under the aegis of the National Council of Justice. These bills are currently awaiting approval from the National Congress. Erik's books, respected for their clear and concise exploration of legal challenges and reform strategies, are used as fundamental textbooks in Brazilian universities. In collaboration with neuroscientists, he initiated the first specialization course in Law and Neuroscience in Brazil, hosted by the Federal Judicial School of the State of Paraná.

Today, Erik holds the position of Visiting Researcher at Stanford Law School, where he dedicates his studies to the impacts of generative artificial intelligence on the justice system under the supervision of Professor Diego Zambrano, continuing to seek innovative strategies to enhance and advance legal systems in the era of technological advancement.

In a significant career transition, Erik resigned from the judiciary to immerse himself more freely in academia. He currently serves as a lawyer and consultant while sharing his knowledge and expertise as a professor.

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